You can do it!

Being a young parent we are faced with people telling us our lives are over. But this is not the case. Being a young parent does not mean your life is over. We may have faced a longer route to what we want but it is not impossible.

My story isn’t one that should be celebrated. But others should know that you can do soooo much more than people tell you.

When I had my daughter I was not in the best place. I was a single young parent and I had little support. I actually went back to college because a friend asked me to go. But when I got there I realised that I actually loved what I was doing. I studied social science at access level and actually enjoyed something. Going to college the first time round wasn’t what I wanted to do and I done it because I didn’t think I could do anything else. But it was only until later that I realised that I liked something else.

When I went to college I found that uni was a possibility. And don’t get me wrong. It took a lot of time and effort. But it is nothing that you can’t achieve just because of being a young mother.

Getting in to uni was really one of the best days of my life. It really made me feel like I had accomplished something. Even if I didn’t go it was nice to think that a young mother had actually broken though the stereotypes and done something.

Getting to uni was a different experience all together. I met another young mother who had JUST had a child and was doing uni with a young child where as my daughter was in school. But both of us have made it to our 3rd year. If you like something don’t listen to people who tell us that we cannot do it, we can. Find something you love. If you really like something give it ago. If it doesn’t work out then you gave it a try and you can say you gave it ago. I know uni isn’t for everyone. But don’t let people tell you, you are stuck in a position you know you are not. I really got involved. Met some awesome people. Had some good life experiences. Have learnt a lot from going. It has really been the best thing that I have ever done.

Uni was the best thing for me. College gave me the confidence to really explore what I could do. Peruse what you love. If uni is not for you, then that is okay. Go out and pursue a career in something you love. You are not defined by being a young parent. You have the ability to go for what you want to do.  Don’t let people tell you otherwise!!

November 2014



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