“Good evening,
I am writing this message in response to your page titled “SAY NO TO TEENAGE PREGNANCY“. I have come across this late Sunday evening whilst writing a university assignment and my 15 month old daughter is asleep in the next room. I am twenty years old so was a pregnant teenager and in my first year of university. Now before you jump to any conclusions my daughters father was my boyfriend of a few years. Once I had my daughter I took a year out of uni and managed to transfer my course to my local hometown Uni and I’m now continuing my degree in geography. I have read this page in total shock and it has actually made me quite furious. Your choice of wording is dreadful and if you came and spoke to a group of teenagers in the hope of “educating” them with that language it would come across as bullying, rude and stigmatising. Particularly your focus on pregnant teenagers not reaching potential. Do you not think you could focus your attention on giving pregnant teenagers confidence and help in embracing the situation they are in rather than belittling them and forcing them back into the corner of stereotypes   that unfortunately we already  have. I also wanted to comment that my health is probably a lot better now I have a child. I don’t drink heavily my lifestyle is healthier and I eat better so I am not entirely sure what you mean by that. I agree that more often than not teen pregnancies are unplanned but this does not mean these young mothers lives have to become meaningless and unproductive life. I do appreciate the knowledge you want to spread but I think you could look at your choice of words. A baby at 19 might not have been my plan but it’s my plan now. My life is in a strong forward productive direction balancing university and raising a child and I find reading an article like this only makes me want to achieve my initial life goals ten times more. Positivity really is the key.
Kind regards.
Alice also blog at Alice and Amelia and tweets from @newyoungmum

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