We are dreamers. We are achievers. We are young mums.

People always judge mothers. But why put down the younger mothers even more? Why labelling all young mothers as benefit seekers, good-for-nothing and waste of space? Are people having that perception on young mothers because the media only concentrates on the minority who do such things? What about the hard working inspiring majority of young mums? Why doesn’t the media or general public want to see how the majority of young mum love and so? Because we are no different to them? Because we are too normal?

Hi. My name is Sophie. I’m 26. Wife, graduate, clinical trial officer, volunteer. Oh! And 1 more thing! I’m a YOUNG mum! Yes a young mum!” But.. But.. How can you do all these things and be a young mum” I hear you say! “Young mums just sit around home all day watching Jeremy Kyle and wasting tax payers money while their kids are vandalising something” I hear you say that too! Well…you got it completely wrong! I belong to the majority of young mums who are doing something with their lives while still raising their young families. I am one of the thousands of young mums who has studied while raising babies while being a child ourselves! I am one of the young mums who are establishing their futures along with establishing their young child’s future! I am one of the young mums who works hard, independent of any benefit to provide for their young families! And you know what I am proud to be a young mum!

As with all young mums, I was judged by family when I fell pregnant at 20 and wanting to go to uni! They said I couldn’t possibly do it, that my child’s life will be ruined if i go to uni because I’ll be too eager to party! That I should terminate my pregnancy because I couldn’t take care of myself so how can I take care of another human being? And it goes on… However, I didn’t let that change my dreams or my plans. I will be going to uni and have my baby too! Uni started when my daughter was 3 months! My uni friends didn’t mind that I had a kid. They adored my daughter! I had a social life but it didn’t involve partying or going to clubs ( yes! You can still have a fun social life without alcohol! Shocking!) I used to study on the train as I wanted to spend time with my daughter once I picked her up from childminder’s. Weekends, I only studied when my daughter was asleep! In my final year, I fell pregnant and remember writing my final year exams while my son was kicking about! Graduated with honours 2 months later! Started an internship with a university related to my degree and finished it just 1 week before my son was born! Once my son was 6 months I started looking for a job related to my degree. 3 months later I started in clinical research and now I’m here having progressed in my career field, 2 gorgeous kids who are unscarred by being raised by a young mum and are exemplary to other children! They are raised knowing they need to love people and where they live! I am socially active too and have a few hats on outside work, everything from being as mentor to being a trustee, I am also a caring citizen! And all of this with no support from anyone at all!

I am not the only young mum who does such things! Until the world of Twitter, I thought I was all alone. However little did I know that there are so many fellow young mums who have an are going through the same things as I did! Young inspiring mums who do amazing things but not known to the general public because  the bad image portrayed by media will be wrong! Before judging a young mum think what her story is! Words are the deadliest weapons and we young mums are already vulnerable as it is and we could do without you talking behind our backs and saying how bad mums we are because we can’t stop a crying child on the bus!

Young mums can become future leaders/ powerful members of the society if the right attention is given to us! We do not want to be labelled! Have you ever thought on how strong willed young mums are? Do you think it’s easy to raise a young family while you are deciding your future too? Has anyone considered that we have also dreams and goals?! Have employers thought that because we have had or child young that we can now dedicate our life to having a career without any interruption compared to other women who decide to take a career break to have children? Have you every thought of giving a young mum a chance and see what she is capable of?

Just because of a minority, please don’t label all young mums as useless to the society. We are strong. We are brave. We are committed. We are full of ideas. We are dreamers. We are achievers. We are young mums.



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